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Modernization Programs of Elevators and Lifts

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Factors for Elevator Modernization

An aging elevator can become a safety hazard. As a result, modernizing is an essential step. At MARCH ELEVATOR LIMITED, we are the specialists to trust whenever elevators are concerned.

We understand that modernizing elevators or lifts can be expensive, but investing in a modern elevator minimizes the risk of accidents.

Our team of experts concentrates on these factors when modernizing a lift:

  • Codes and safety
  • Phone
  • Fire services
  • Door restrictor
  • Light curtain

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We are the specialists to trust whenever elevators are concerned

Modernization of Elevators and Lifts Toronto

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Why Modernize?

While a well-maintained elevator may last for several years, it will eventually need to be upgraded. MARCH ELEVATOR LIMITED can help you make the most strategic capital investment.

Our highly qualified technicians always review the most important points to consider when modernizing an elevator. The reasons include:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency of operations
  • Cost
  • Tenant satisfaction

We perform a complete pre-modernization evaluation of your unit to determine if it’s time to upgrade your components or to plan for a complete modernization.

Helping you determine the most strategic capital investment

Modernization of Elevators and Lifts Toronto

The Benefits of Elevator Modernization Include:

Improved performance

Working with us will boost your elevator’s reliability and performance!


We offer modernization solutions while considering your specific needs and budget.

Minimal building disruption

We’ll carry out a modernization process with minimal disturbance to tenants and visitors.

Enhanced sustainability

Our modernization process is an investment that pays off, enhancing the safety and accessibility of elevators!