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Contract Options

Maintenance Control Program (MCP)

A Maintenance Contract and Certified Program provides monthly maintenance by a licensed technician as required by the ASME17.1-B44 and T.S.S.A.  Owners are mandated to provide an approved MCP which is enforced and regulated by their elevator contractor.  

Monthly maintenance not only puts your elevator(s) in compliance with government regulations but also helps identify safety hazards, wearing parts that need repair/replacement; thus keeping your elevator working optimally and ensuring a safe ride to the public.  March Elevator provides 24 hour on-call service and industry leading response times.

March Elevator offers two (2) types elevator maintenance contract services:

Oil, & Grease (OG) contracts provides the minimum service required to comply with code and TSSA requirements, including routine maintenance during scheduled visits (cleaning, lubricating, minor adjustments, and visual inspections) and safety tests. Repairs and Service Calls are subject to additional billing at industry standard rates.

Comprehensive Maintenance (CM) contracts provide the benefits of the OG contract plus a full preventive maintenance program, as well as repairs on most major elevator components. Includes repair calls during regular working hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM), labour and parts.


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Our Inspection Contract

An Inspection Contract provides monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly inspections by a licensed technician as required by T.S.S.A. Regular inspections put your elevator in compliance with government regulations, identifying safety hazards and excessively worn or non-functioning parts that require repair and/or replacement.

This allows the elevator to run safely for the convenience and comfort of the rider.  We have 24 hour on-call service.

Please feel free to inquire with the head office for more details.

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